Upcoming Trips

CCH trips support our long-term, community driven programs in healthcare, education, and community development. On average, 20-25 teams serve with us each year through:

  • Treating the sick, injured and disabled at our Primary Care, PT/Rehab and Surgical Clinics
  • Improving teacher quality, providing learning resources and improving facilities to provide a better foundation for the children of Haiti
  • Working alongside Haitians on various building projects and training Haitians in new skills such as construction or agriculture

Upcoming Trip Schedule

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Click here to more about our upcoming trip May 27 through June 3, 2018 – OPEN TO EVERYONE!

All 2018 Trips

January 2-7 Sports Outreach (soccer)

January 6-13 Medical (surgical)

January 23 – February 6 (dates may change) Education

January 26 – February 4 Church based community development

February 10-17 Medical (surgical)

February 24 – March 3 Medical (surgical)

March 2-11 Medical (physical therapy)

March 10-18 Medical (pharmaceutical)

March 18-24 Medical (surgical)

March 22-29 Medical (nursing)

April 6-13 Medical (surgical)

May 26-June 2 General (school wellness)


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We take great care of our volunteers and try to make CCH trips as smooth and organized as possible. Please note that our volunteers pay a trip fee (described in our Travel Handbook) that covers CCH’s costs to provide in-country transportation, lodging, food, staff support, and translation services.

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