Our Inspiration

More than 10 million people live in Haiti.cameron_davidson_cch_0101
Of those, 6.5 million struggle to survive on less than $2 USD per day.

Healthcare, sanitation and education systems are wrought with challenges. Clean water, permanent shelter and consistent food supplies are luxuries. The most basic human services are not available to many. Now layer this day-to-day reality upon generations of systemic poverty, repeated political upheavals and one natural disaster after another. It’s hard not to be discouraged.

BiblesBut at CCH, we believe that change can happen in Haiti: one person, one family,one community at a time. Following Jesus’ example of compassionate service, we respond to the call that God places before each of us: to love and to serve. We initiate and nurture relationships – meeting people’s needs while also recognizing and encouraging their strengths. We walk and work together, making it possible for even the poorest of the poor to have access to quality healthcare, giving children the opportunity to attend school and helping families find sustainable ways to support themselves and their communities.

We know that short-term fixes are not the answer to Haiti’s challenges. Indeed, “fixes” by anyone other than Haitians themselves will not be successful in the longer term. That’s why we emphasize in-country leadership, training and skill development in all that we do. We value collaboration and partnership and strive to never do what a Haitian can do for him or herself. CCH doesn’t give hand-outs but rather empowers Haitians to improve their own lives and communities.

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